From College Project To Startup

Born in a College Dorm Room

In Dec 2016, two roommates thought about why India doesn't have a Public Bike Sharing Solution.

Our research indicated that importing systems was expensive to both install and maintain and India didn't have bike sharing back then.

As engineers, we couldn't resist developing a solution.

Opportunity By NMIMS University | May 2017

Our Teachers, Mentors were the first people to believe in us.

We got the opportunity to install 7 Docks & 24 Bikes at NMIMS, Shirpur.

We Are Unstoppable | February 2018

This picture was taken when we decided to install docking stations on a Sunday. Due to the lack of staff, the only available option was to transport using a tractor.

Meet was still on phone, like always.

Project Implemented | March 2018

The project was successfully implemented but faced a ton of maintenance issues.

We still had a lot to learn both on the business as well as technology front.

We were now recognized as a "Startup" by the Government of India

We Learnt From Our Mistakes | May 2019

We designed a better Docking Station.

It saved 40% Parking space and was super modular, for easy installation and manufacturing.

Patent Granted | June 2020

With the help of Startup India we applied for a Patent in Oct 2019.

And it got granted in less than 9 months!

Next Steps

We are good at product design and that is what we wanna keep doing.

We are looking forward to collaborating with companies to see our docking stations in each city!

" The world would be a better place if we celebrate hands-on learning and interdisciplinary projects at our colleges.

Venkatesh Agrawal | CEO Zest Smart Solutions